Sudha Irwin has chosen metal arts as her medium of expression for inspirations she derives from the natural world that surrounds her in Mill Valley, California and from her travels around the world. She has been working in silver, gold, and precious and semiprecious stones for over a decade.

Wreath pin, sterling, 14k, garnets - $325 sterling and coral necklace  - $650 Sterling fold-formed earring - $200

Recently she has been exploring vitreous enamels, along with  gemstones in her jewelry and art objects. Her interpretation of beauty and design in nature can be seen in her work at the Marin Jewelers Guild in San Rafael, California.

Sterling, enamel on copper, garnets - $425  Blue enamel flower with pearls - $150  Green enamel leaves necklace - $1500  Red enamel and etched silver earrings $200